banksys next piece: the big government house with big green stink lines comign out!! fuck the stinky politicians!!

my bf: *doesnt reply*

me: [fuck this, I can do so much better than this ashy ass bitch. what am I supposed to do with some lil dick for the rest of my life anyways??? let me call his best friend MATTER OF FACT LET ME CALL HIS BROTHER. he’s not even that cute for me to be stressing over him. only reason I dated him is cause my girl told me to give his lil ugly ass a chance I'm over it tho, next! ha ha!]
my bf: my bad I had to pee. 

me: I thought you did! wassup babe 😍😛



Hey *rewatches disturbia*


no :(   


Godzilla Says Drugs Are The Real Monster!


Godzilla Says
Drugs Are The Real Monster!

the simpsons   


just hold on


Who is the target audience for Gogurt? Is it for children? I feel like the marketing is trying to make it look “cool” but I don’t know why. It’s cool to eat yogurt out of a tube. Cool kids don’t know how to use spoons? Spoons are for fucking losers. I’m on a public bus right now and I’ve never been in a relationship and I think about dropping out of college every day


Pskov, Russia (by Vladimir Spesivtsev)


Pskov, Russia (by Vladimir Spesivtsev)

russia   photography   




lets bring back 2008 memes

me gusta 2008 memes…. u mad bro?

Well that sure was fun. I think we all learned something important! Let’s never do it again.